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Moxie CM Stunich

by - Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Moxie, (Rock-Hard Beautiful Book 3)
CM Stunich
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It's a...Reverse Harem
“What would you do if you were in love five times over?” Lilith Tempest Goode. The one and only groupie for the rock band, Beauty in Lies. One woman on a world tour with her five rockstar soulmates. She's the moon and they, they are her stars. The whole world seems to shine a little brighter when they're together, carrying them through Ireland, England, Japan, Australia...and back to the city of Seattle to start their real lives together. Five guys. One girl with a lot of moxie and a boatload of spirit. That's what it takes to make a fresh start. If they can open the gilded cage of their grief, let it fly free on wings of hope, they'll have a future together. But real life is different than a rock 'n' roll tour. They might've healed their souls, but can they mingle their hearts? Seattle, Washington. Six broken people on the mend. One happily ever after.

Warning: If you hate stories with pearl grabbing sex scenes this isn't for you. If you hate "Oh,my.JESUS!" moments turn away now before you are scandalized.

The final book in this series is about giving six broken souls their well deserved happy ending. This is a series about finding your family in the darkness of grief. When you learn to open your heart and eyes find it within yourself to forgive and the future will always be bright. 

Controversial RH Series?:  
So I'm going to talk about this without giving spoilers for this book because I know from talking to others and seeing other posts on the subject of having MM also as lovers can "concern" some readers on if this book is for you.

I think this series was very well written and including some man on man scenes was handled perfectly. At no point during any of these books did Lilith feel left out nor did I as a reader ever feel she wasn't the center of all of their universes. I think that is what you need to know if you are worried if this book is for you.

As someone who can get irate if a series concludes not to my liking shall I just say I'm one happy satisfied woman! This series focuses a lot on Muse learning to open up and confront his demons. Paxton facing his wankers for parents, Paxton and Random and the ever present question of will they go all the way? What will Lilith do when she finds out that Paxton has a fiance? 😏

I had a lot of fun with these kids and their journey and even if they are all fictional I'm still really darn proud of them!!

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