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Slave to the MC (Penetrators MC), Devyn Douglas

by - Sunday, June 11, 2017

Slave to the MC, (Penetrators MC)
Devyn Douglas
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Harmony’s newfound service to the Penetrators MC wasn’t anything more than a way to work off her mom’s debt and keep them breathing, out of trouble. The more she explores her submissive nature as a slave to the MC, the more she craves the carnal desires they awaken. Walking away isn’t an option. She soon discovers her sexual awakening comes with a high price, one she’s more than willing to pay. She’d intended to earn her freedom. So why does she feel more free now, on her knees, serving the Penetrators Masters, than ever before? Warning: A taboo, dirty girl vs MC, reverse harem, BDSM, erotic romance that will push you outside your comfort zone. And you’re going to love every minute of it!

This is the second book in the Penetrators MC series and while the first one didn't really strike me as RH, this one I'll classify as one. It's still not my ideal RH but there is more of a relationship aspect. I'm not going to warn you about the graphic nature of this book because if you've read the first one then you already know. I will tell you that this book brings some FF to the table. If that's not your cup of tea then you might want to just skip that part.

So, storyline. We learned in the first book that the MC is not only helping Harm discover her hidden desires but keeping her safe from the Mexican Mafia that's after her mother as well. The Mafia is stepping up their game in this one and make some pretty big plays. This throws some twists into the mix. Harmony's mother finally shows back up too. We end in a pretty intense place and I'm so glad the third book is only weeks away. 

Devyn is an incredibly talented writer and the sex scenes in this series are off the charts! Like don't read these in public. It was pretty short but with the intensity of the story I don't know that I could handle more at a time. I will say that some of the 'language' that was used in the first book that I wasn't too fond of was tamed down in this one. If you read the first one and enjoyed it then grab this one up now. If you held off on the first bc you felt it might be a little much for you but you're on the fence, maybe give it a go now that this one tamed a little. If you know this doesn't sound like something you would like then just pass it on by. It's still going to push your limits, it's still full of dark BDSM but I was much happier with the second book than the first. 

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