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Caretaker (Silverlight) Laken Cane

by - Monday, May 14, 2018

Caretaker, (Silverlight)
Laken Cane
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It's a...Reverse Harem

Six months ago Angus Stark was sent to prison, and no one on the outside has seen him since. Denied the visitor passes that would get her into the prison, Trinity grows more desperate with each passing day, convinced something terrible is happening to him. She's not wrong. When the sentencing judge's wife goes missing, Captain Crawford brings Trinity in to help track the woman. She agrees to find Madalyn Bennett--if the judge will let her visit Angus. After her visit is granted, Trinity becomes even more convinced Angus is in trouble. With her sexy hunting partner at her side, she sets out to track the judge's missing wife. Every single one of her supernaturals--her men--gather around her to help her free Angus Stark. Because the judge has agreed--if she finds his wife alive, he will give Angus back to her. As problems arise and the vampire master's hold on her tightens, Clayton's very existence is threatened, and Angus’s situation becomes critical, Trinity discovers that battling demons and killing vampires might be the very least of her troubles... ---

Silverlight Series:

Caretaker picks up six months after Bloodhunter leaves off.  Trinity has been trying that whole time to see/talk to Angus while he has been in prison.  She has been going about her hunter duties along with Shane. When a case comes up she finally has the opportunity for a chance to see Angus.  The Judges wife goes missing, and if she can find her alive, she may just be able to get to Angus.  With the help of her friends Shane, Clayton, Rhys, Miriam and even Amias, Trinity will do everything in her power to bring Angus home.  But the question is will Angus come home the same man he left as?

Wow guys!!!! Caretaker was full of action. Once I started from page one, I did not stop until I was done.  Lots of things happening, from fighting to advances on certain romance fronts.  We went from slow burnish to BAM!!! I freaking loved, loved it!! I was like hell yeah Trinity, Get it Girl!!!  The action sequences as always with a Laken Cane story are well detailed and keeps you riveted.  There was something happening constantly. Now on to the characters we love and the one we love to hate.  Angus, that man is my favorite. He is fun, frisky and loves Trinity so much. And loves kids, as evident by the many he has.  Shane, which I enjoyed these two together very much.  The chemistry that these two have is hot! I was always entertained with their banter, and their scenes together had me needing more. Clayton, I feel for him so much.  The chemistry between him and Trinity is just like with Shane, so freaking hot.  Those two can convey so much with just a look.  Rhys, I need to know more about him.  We get alittle more of a glimpse of him in this book, but I need more.  Amias, he is still in the love to hate him stage.  And of course we have Miriam, I really got to where I disliked her in this one, who am I kidding I hated her in book one too.  In conclusion,  read Bloodhunter first to enjoy Caretaker to the fullest.  Guys, this is one hell of a series, don't miss it.

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