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Claiming Her Dragons (A PDA Kindle World story), By Lia Davis

by - Thursday, June 01, 2017

Claiming Her Dragons, (A PDA Kindle World Story)
Lia Davis
It's a...Reverse Harem
Be careful what you ask for… The beautiful, curvy Jackie Olsen has a sex drive in hyperdrive. Her last boyfriend broke it off saying she was too exhausting for him. Without much hope for finding what she needs in the human gene pool, she turns to Gerri Wilder for help, hoping a shifter, or two, could keep up with her desires. Jackie just isn’t prepared to go on a date with not one, but three hot dragon shifters.

**Since this is a kindle world story it's only available on US Amazon**

Well you guys have been asking for an RH where the female lead hasn't been abused or had a horrible childhood of some sort and Lia Davis has given us that. Jackie only has one problem. She thinks she's addicted to sex. Thinking the problem may be the human men, her friend encourages her to seek out a shifter for a boyfriend.

Our main guys are Dragon shifter brothers, Caleb, Blake and Spencer. They want a woman who will accept them and their unusual ways.

This is a pretty short story. There's not a whole lot of drama going on, just enough to give you some story. It's more focused on Jackie and the guys and their relationship. I do like all the characters, even the secondary ones.

This is written where it jumps POV throughout, which can sometimes get confusing but I feel like this was written where you could easily keep up. It gives us a good mix of how everyone is feeling.

I can't say that I LOVED this one. It was good for a quick read but it just didn't grab me up and make me want to demand more. I don't know if there will be future books about some of the other characters but I would give them a read if there were.

All in all, I say give it a read but it's not jumping to the top of my list.


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