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Make Me A Wish ( The Conduit Series), K.B. Ladnier & Anita Maxwell

by - Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Make Me A Wish, (The Conduit Trilogy )
K.B Ladnier and Anita Maxwell
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It's a...Reverse Harem
"Ever made a wish and had it come true? Well lucky you, because I have never had any of my wishes come true." Arsyn Henley has had a rough life growing up. All the universe has ever done, is take every loved one she has ever had and give deep rooted scars—both on the inside and out—in return. When a relative she never knew about dies and leaves her a cabin in the mountains, she's eager to start over with a new life. She could never have guessed her new life would be riddled with secrets about her family, new people to love and most of all magic beyond her wildest dreams. Enter the four dashing Kismet brothers who take this broken girl on a metaphorical magic carpet ride through the world of Jinn—beings who grant the wishes of the human race—and slowly put back together her soul with pieces of their own. But where there's light, dark is soon to follow. Can she find the strength to accept her new reality and the people who come with it bringing all the beauty of love and light to her? Or will she falter and beckon the darkness to take her away as it's own? *This is a Reverse-Harem trilogy with some disturbing sequences of events, mild languageand is recommended for ages 17+*

 What can I say about Make Me A Wish? I Loved it! Would I recommend it? Absol-freaking-lutely! K.B. Ladnier and Anita Maxwell have created a series that captures your attention and draws you into the world of the Jinn. I was hooked from the start. Right off we are introduced to Arsyn, who is a tough girl who has had to go threw some pretty rough heartache and abuse in her life. It has made her tough, yet broken. She has come to Pigeon Forge to claim a cabin from an late great uncle she knew nothing about. With nothing and no one, except her trusting dog Fritz, she is needing a place to fall. Enter the Kismet brothers. Can I just say that the authors nailed their personalities. They each have their own, and you will love each in their own way, just like Arsyn. We first meet Zachary, Killian, Talan, and Elijah as they are just coming back to Pigeon Forge from a quest to find their Conduit. A Conduit is the one person who can ground them as a group so that they can meld their wish magic and powers. Allowing them to grant wishes. As of yet they do not have their powers. What they find upon returning home is their Conduit. A broken girl, in need of being pieced back together in a way that only they can. What follows is the journey they go threw in discovery, secrets told, friendships forged, friendships evolving, protective instincts times 5 and lots of fun. The banter between them all is hilarious, and the one liners had me rolling. There is a cliffhanger, but it sets it up in a nice way for book two. Make Me A Wish is a perfect add to any paranormal RH library. Note: I received Make Me A Wish for an honest review. And I honestly loved it!

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