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Three RH Series that everyone's crazy about!

by - Saturday, May 20, 2017

Books have trends too! The following series are the latest of the latest in the obsession category 😉

The Ghost Bird, by C.L. Stone

The first series of this genre I've read ever and my favorite one! Sang is in high school and her home life is horrible. She meets NINE boys and well, the rest you have to read.
It's a must read series and C.L. Stone is a god.
I have to be good and advise you that once you start it you won't be seeing your friends until you finish reading all the published ones.
Oh, and if you get so obsessed you can't stop thinking about this series, you can always go to wattpad. There're a lot of good fanfics out there.

Goodreads link:

Curse of the Gods, by Jaymin Eve and Jane Washington

The first book of the series is out and the second one is nearly released. Awesome, hilarious and really clumsy heroine. Five to-be-gods. 
A lot of laughs and an amazing world building.
I shouldn't have recommended you this book because once you read it you'll want the second one.... and well it isn't out YET.

The Veil Diaries, by B.L. Brunnemer

Three books. Ghosts. An artistic heroine. And a lot of guys.
I haven't read this series yet but the girls of the facebook group are crazy about it!

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  1. Wanted to point out that in the Veil Diaries that the heroine is not autistic. Did you mean artistic?
    Tamra L. Shaughnessy

    1. Yes, so sorry about it :) I've already changed it.