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Harem of Fangs (Stairway to Harem 1), by Emma Dawn

by - Saturday, May 20, 2017

Harem of Fangs, (Stairway to Harem 1)
Emma Dawn

It's a...Reverse Harem
**18+ Reverse Harem/ HEA**
When renowned novelist Ally Swift goes to help a friend out of a jam, she finds herself thrust into a world she previously thought only existed in the paranormal books she wrote.
A world of vampires, magic, and mind-blowing sex that she could never have dreamed was possible.
Caught between five powerful vampires, she is trapped between the strength of their hands, the fire in their touch, and the ache in her skin for the thrust of their teeth.
She is the key to their survival, and for the four she denies, their lives will be forfeit.
Can she find a way to save them all, and place her heart in the hands of the one whose soul resonates with her own, and still finish that damn book she’s got a deadline for?
Full length, stand alone, reverse harem, happily ever after.
Be prepared for laughter, love, and a harem you will dream of coming for you.

ARC Provided by Author in Exchange For An Honest Review
Releases 6/12

Firstly, I can't resist saying that the cover's girl reminds me of Taylor Swift in her “Love Story” video 😂


...Ally Swift goes to help her friend .... she finds herself thrust into a world... of vampires, magic, and mind-blowing sex that she could never have dreamed was possible.

.... five powerful vampires (Preacher, Wick, Celt, King and Spartan)....and....She is the key to their survival

Can she find a way to save them all?

What I didn't Like

Firstly, in the first pages of the book, the heroine faints. Why can't the authors stop this? They make feel weird because I've never fainted and every female character does.

Let's talk about Ally, in the first chapter she states that she's not interested in men because her ex-husband cheated on her, but she proposes someone who she just met to have a bath and do   o t h e r    things together, yeah sure..

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Then, she finds a chained werewolf in a room, deduces -out of nowhere- that it was put there by the queen and she gets angry at her. What if that werewolf has murdered someone or has done terrible things?
"She shouldn't have chained him up,"
And why is that?? You know nothing about it!!!

And let's not forget she changes her mind a LOT.

What I Liked

The first part of the book was a disaster for me and made me hate the heroine, but surprisingly, when I was going to DNF it, the book changed! Surprise!

The heroine took a turn for the better and started improving. But even then, I didn't feel any connection between her and the guys.

There were a lot of hot scenes (some with fangs involved, everything with fangs involved is super hot), and for me, they were the best thing about the book.

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I liked the names of the men, they're unusual.

At the end, my only interest was to see Spartan happy, oh Spartan *dreamy eyes*

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This book should enter in the erotica genre.

It's like a Dixie Lynn Dwyer book without all the refusal from the heroine and with no connection between the characters.

I don't know if I'm gonna read the second one, but it's not my priority right now.

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