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When To Fear the Living (The Veil Diaries), by B.L. Brunnemer

by - Friday, May 26, 2017

When To Fear The Living, (The Veil Diaries)
B.L. Brunnemer
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Please be advised: Possible Trigger Warning Hi, I’m Alexis Delaney. I’m your average 17-year-old girl. Except I can see the dead. And talk to the dead and help them move on. So..okay, I’m not your average 17-year-old girl. Right now, the Veil is shut off, and the Way is closed. Which means the dead can’t move on, so, they are camping out on my lawn. I’m trying to open the Way, juggle school and, well, deal with my feelings for two of my best friends. If that isn’t enough, notes have been showing up in my locker since I got back from Christmas vacation. Things are getting creepier as time goes on. He’s actually starting to scare me, to be honest. But with the guys, I’ll be fine. They’ve got my back. No one is crazy enough to take on Zeke. Right?

 Can I just say that When To Fear The Living made me love the Veil Diaries all over again. Not to mention the beautiful cover and the word play on the title. Which you will understand when you read the book. In book one Trying To Live With The Dead, we are introduced to Lexi and her ability to see the dead. We are introduced to her guys which are Zeke, Ethan, Isaac, Miles, and Asher. The dynamic between them is fun and hilarious and lets the reader see how protective the guys are towards Lexi, and her with them. In book two When The Dead Come A Knocking, we find Lexi and the guys still having their great relationships, but they have romantic relationships with other people. I did not enjoy this one as much as the first simply for that fact, however it does not take away from the story which dealt with Lexi trying to control her powers and revolved around their relationships. But with book 3, When To Fear The Living, I am 100% back in love with the Veil Diaries and a one click fan. Lexi has some issues to deal with in this book that are difficult and scary. With a stalker, ghosts, and learning to calm the way so she can help ghosts MoveOn. She has her hands full. Not to mention how her relationships are with the guys and the fun banter that is always present. The guys are all over protective, and she is of them. We get to see some relationships move a certain direction that we are all wanting and I am happy about. Overall When To Fear The Living is seriously amazing, awesome, superb, and just downright good. The Veil Diaries is a series that you do not want to miss out on.

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