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Starlight Christmas (The Starlight Gods), Yumoyori Wilson

by - Thursday, December 21, 2017

Starlight Christmas, (The Starlight Gods)
Yumoyori Wilson
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Christmas. A time for giving and receiving. A time for celebration. A holiday I’ve only read about in a storybook – page after page of seeing a little girl celebrating the joys of Christmas. I had envied that girl, reading her tale on the cold, library floor while she was surrounded by so much warmth. So many cycles trapped in the facility by my Owner, my only presents the old, tattered books that surrounded me, my imagination my only salvation. So many cycles, I'd spent wishing to be like the girl in the fairy tale, wishing I was surrounded by my loved ones, opening presents and enjoying their company. My wish had finally come true. This cycle would be different. Rescued by my star knights, I vowed to enjoy every minute of this season with them by my side. This Christmas, I would enjoy being free. Starlight Christmas is apart of the Holiday Series. It will be a FULL-LENGTH novel and does not take place during the same timeline as the main series. It’s recommended to read DARK WISH- BOOK ONE of the Starlight Gods Series AND TAINTED ROSE- BOOK TWO to understand/enjoy this novel. Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language. MANY Sex scenes. If that is not your cup of tea, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK or complain about the amount of sex. You HAVE been warned NOTE: Starlight Christmas is written in CANADIAN ENGLISH (a mix of American and British English).

Dark Wish
Tainted Rose
Starlight Christmas 12/22
Ryder  1/26
Poisonous Dream  2/9

Mako has never had a real Christmas before. Only memories of what she wished could be while sitting in captivity. Finally safe with her knights, they decide to make sure this one is special. A surprise trip to Earthala for a special event, with some special friends.

This book is all about Mako, her knights and Christmas. There's no big drama, no running or chasing. We just get to relax and spend some one on one time with our characters.  While on Earthala, each knight gets a day with Mako. We delve more into the relationships between not only Mako and her knights but Mako and their spirits as well as her spirits with theirs. Like always with Yumo's books, we get several point of views. I think this is the most smoothly flowing of the series so far though.

We also get to visit with some of the Visionary characters too. No worries if you haven't read that book yet, no major spoilers will come up about it and you won't be confused thinking you missed anything in this one.

WARNING!! This book has A LOT of sex. A LOT! Like, do not read this book in public. Do not read this book if you don't want sex scenes. Yes you can skim over them or skip them but it will take out a majority of the book if you do. If you like a lot of sex, you will LOVE this book.

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