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Hidden in Smoke (Phoenix Rising), Harper Wylde & Quinn Arthurs

by - Monday, April 02, 2018

Hidden in Smoke, (Phoenix Rising)
Harper Wylde & Quinn Arthurs
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It's a...Reverse Harem
My nightmares have started closing in. Now I’m just trying to survive them. When my past comes back to haunt me, I find myself relying on the men I’ve come to care so much about. With their help, and the help of my best friend, I’m trying to navigate the threats—old and new. When I’m summoned to go before the Council, I have no idea what to expect. Thrust into a world of politics and status I’m not sure I agree with, my unease grows as I struggle to find my place. When my powers develop with the help of my Phoenix, I feel more prepared to take on the unknowns stacking up against me. Will my guys and I be able to face the trials in our path, or will the secrets of a world that's Hidden in Smoke destroy us before we’ve even started? *18+ Reverse Harem Romance. Warning this book contains scenes and references of abuse that some readers may find triggering. This book also contains some m/m themes.*

Phoenix Rising Series
Born of Embers
Hidden in Smoke

***This is the second book in the series therefor this review may contain spoilers from the first book.***

Annika Coxx, Nix, had finally escaped her prison. She found herself in a whole new world with people she was starting to trust. Sadly, she learns that you can't run from your past. Hers comes back with a vengeance. With it come the answers to some of the questions she's had. Unfortunately, her past isn't the only thing she's dealing with. Between school, mean girls and the dreaded Council, Nix has her hands full. Not everyone is happy that she has found a group of friends to help her out. Are they strong enough to stand together through all that they face?

Book two picks up right where book one left off. Thank goodness b/c I know we were all dying after that ending. So we are thrown right into a pretty intense battle. A good way to start the book, pulling you right in, as long as you remember where the other book left off. Things level out after that for a bit. We get to spend some time with Nix at school and we get some quality time with the guys and Nix as well. We do have the major moment of the dreaded Council finding out about Nix. That opens up a whole new bag of problems with the politics that throws into the mix. And holy hell of revelations, the secret that comes out during the council meeting!!!

I don't want to focus on the plot in my review though. If you read the first book then you know if you like the way things are going or not. I want to talk about some of the obstacles that these authors have faced and how they handled it.

Now if you remember in the first book, Nix has issues with people touching her. That makes it kinda hard for them to get into some hanky panky right away. So while things really start to heat up in this book, we are still on a bit of a buildup. I think the authors did an excellent job of merging her contact issues with bringing them closer and giving the readers some super hot moments. It wouldn't feel honest and stick with her character if she just all of a sudden jumped into bed with any of them. But it would make for a very very slow burn if we didn't get anything at all. This is the perfect mix to keep it true to the characters and give us some of what we want.

Now some people may find what I'm about to talk about to be spoilers so here is your warning. If you don't want to know about the M/M aspect of this book, STOP READING NOW!

Ok so, you all know by now that I'm very opinionated when it comes to MM in reverse harem. Well this ladies and gentlemen is how you do MM in the harem. It is explicitly stated, "we need to wait for Nix". While one member of the group has just learned he even sees men in that way, he also still knows deep inside that Nix is his heart and she is the center of it all. And let me just tell you, even though we may not be getting down and dirt yet, these two men are bringing the heat. Hot damn, I can't wait until we get to see these three in action.

According to the end of book two, book three is already being written. Make sure to join their fb group here to keep up.

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