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Foreseen (Suoja Guild Book Two) by AJ Anderson

by - Sunday, May 21, 2017

Foreseen, (Suoja Guild Book Two)
AJ Anders

It's a...Reverse Harem
Forced to attend the Surmata run Suoja Guild, Evie finally has hope for a better life. But her new freedom comes at a cost. Dark forces work against her, even within the safe walls of the demon hunter’s school. With her father still on the loose, Evie must be extra diligent to watch her back. When her friend Maximillian introduces her to his housemates, she can’t fight the sense of déjà vu she feels whenever she’s near them. Humans and Suramata can’t be together, so why does it feel so right to be with them?

Book was received as an ARC for an Honest Review Release 5/23/2017

Side Effect Warning: Mild to Severe Book Hangover Syndrome likely 😍
See below for additional information on this serious health condition

The Shadewolf Kaveri has been told to stay away from Evie for a full year. The knowledge that was taken from her in Book 1 Precursor and her acquaintance that she had with them can't revealed until then.
One year later.. The Surmata invades the camp and  a select amount of men/women including Evie are taken to the Suoja Guild. They are given the chance to learn and walk away from the prejudice and hatred the camp and Evie's father was determined to spread towards the Surmata. 
Evie has been given the gift she's always wanted.. Freedom. But this gift isn't without it's own dangers. Considered a traitor by the very people she was brought to the Suoja Guild with and her father who remains free and on the run is a danger to her. To top it off she has a few or more Surmata males that are more than a little tempting even if they are forbidden fruit...

What I didn't Like:
That the book ended?!?! 
But no seriously my biggest complaint is that I'm ready for Evie to start trusting. Even if it is just Max that would be a great start she has a long road ahead of her but she's only really ever going to make progress when she starts letting people in.  

What I LIKED: 
So I think the biggest complement I can give for a RH book I give here. You could give Evie one love interest and you'd still have a fantastic 5 star book. The RH just makes it a 5+++++ Star! The world AJ Anders is introducing to us is a world with good evil and some grey. Those who should be the heros are the villains. Throw in a mysterious sexy interfering demon who's motives are so not clear yet we have a full house here. 
Without giving away any spoilers because I won't ruin the moment for you there is a scene where a girl is trying to put Evie down and being a big ole class act of bitchy and Evie shows a completely different side that will have you ready to marry her yourself if those boys don't do it! 

Hell yea girlfriend!!!

Extra Information from AJ herself!
The first book was written basically as a prequel to this book but was actually written after this book had already been started. Foreseen was originally intended to be what was submitted as a Novella and Book one, but the story was just getting bigger and AJ felt Evie was just begging to have her back story written first. Sorry ladies I stopped myself from going total fan girl and begging her for an ETA on Book 3 but I did ask if she has any idea how many books she will write for this series. AJ let me know that Evie isn't in a hurry for her story to be over and as long as she still has eager readers there will be more books!

Read this book if you haven't already read Precursor start there (click here for Amazon link)

The relationship is growing Evie and her sexy smirky moody overall sex on a stick males are bonding and learning about each other. But this so far is a slow build romance which I love, but this is not for readers below the age of 18.

Advice for treating the likely Book Hangover Syndrome (BHS)
Symptoms of BHS includes but can vary depending on the reader: depression, sleepless nights, random occurrences of extreme joy, screaming and or crying. 

For extreme cases of BHS I advise before starting Precursor that you pre select another swoon worthy novel to jump into as soon as the more extreme symptoms start to manifest. Hair of the dog and all of that. 


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