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Tradition Be Damned (Last Hope Book 1), Rebecca Royce

by - Saturday, May 20, 2017

Tradition Be Damned, (Last Hope 1)
Rebecca Royece

It's a...Reverse Harem
It is the end of days…
Taken from her family at birth, and raised by the mystic Sisterhood, Anne understands she will fight the demons for the rest of her life. Often referred to as the Weird Sister, Anne longs for a life she knows she can never have and dreams of her five guards affections although she believes they hold her in disdain.
She couldn’t be more wrong.
Bryant, Mason, Garrett, Kieran and Milo see Anne for who she is and they’ve loved her every day they’ve known her, although they can never see her face. Fate has chosen them as her beloveds and when the already destroyed world falls apart, they will see they are meant to be…and that maybe all hope is not lost at all. Maybe it is just the beginning.

 This is the first book in Rebecca’s new series Last Hope and boy did she come out swinging. This was a great introduction into this new world.

The world is ending. Demons are taking over and the sisterhood is the last hope for survival. Taken from their mothers shortly after birth they are raised for one purpose: To rid the world of demons. Each sister has her five guards. They are trained to know one thing: Protect the sister at all costs. Someone has been telling lies though.

In this first book we meet Sister Anne. She’s always been a little weird and doesn’t necessarily like to follow the rules of the sisterhood. She’s kind and compassionate where most are unfeeling. Knowing the guards would die for her to make their families lives better, she believes to be hated by them. She comes to find that couldn’t be further from the truth. Anne and her guards take a journey that leads them into danger, sadness and revelations that could change everything. She learns new things about herself, her guards and her overall purpose in life.

Rebecca does a great job of introducing us to this new world. The character development is great and makes you instantly love or hate each character. This series is going to have everything you want. Action, adventure and of course love. We also get a little sexy time that’s not over the top.

This is a story about a love so deep, souls so connected, they would die for her as she would die for them. Not because they have to but because they know life isn’t worth living without all their pieces.


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