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Past Be Damned (Last Hope), Rebecca Royce

by - Saturday, July 15, 2017

Past Be Damned, (Last Hope)
Rebecca Royce
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It's a...Reverse Harem
It is the end of days… Ripped from her life and her loves, Teagan spent five hellish years in a demon infested mine. The darkness she experienced, living on within her long after her rescue. Lost without her loves, she worries as the darkness grows—she will not become the evil they have faced. Sacrificing her identity will protect those she is supposed to serve…and after everything else she’s paid, Teagan sees no other choice. They will never give up… Thaddeus, Aidan, Noah, Eric, and Brody live for one reason—revenge. They will destroy Sister Superior for her part in the death of their love. Battle and hate fill the void where their Sister should be, but when they get word that Teagan might be alive—nothing will stand between them and the woman they love.

Releases 7/18

***No matter how hard I try I can not review this book without giving small spoilers for the first book in the Last Hope Series. If you have not read it yet, STOP READING THIS unless you are ok with spoilers***

We met Teagan in Tradition be Damned after Anne's guards rescued her from the mines. She had been there for 5 years believing that her own guards, the men she loved, were dead. Why else wouldn't they come looking for her. At the end of Tradition be Damned she made a choice that changes everything. Meanwhile, her guards who are NOT dead, believe her to be dead. They have spent the last 6 years trying to make those who took her from them pay. When they stumble upon rumors that the new sisterhood has a sister named Teagan, they rush there to find out the truth. Only the woman they find there doesn't know them at all.

So we start out at the new sisterhood with Teagan thinking she's just a normal human who is helping the Sisters there. She made the choice to stop the pain she felt living without her men. Of course, there was an out. Only it was supposed to be up to her to take it. After the guys show up a series of events leads to that choice being taken away from her. However, even after she gets her memories back she's not running back to her guards. How could she, they LEFT HER THERE. In those mines for all those years. Living in the dark that now lived in her. If they were truly her Destined then the spirits would have led them to her like they did Sister Anne and Sister Daniella's gaurds to them. The spirits are here now though and they have a journey for Teagan. She doesn't know the destination but she knows she must go. There are lost sisters at the sisterhood and this mysterious Prophet needs to be found. Along the way Teagan learns just what it means to make sacrifices for the greater good. "When you want to say no, say yes!" We see Sister Katherine again and she's been up to more nonsense. Only, she's saying things that don't add up and doing things she shouldn't be able to do. We end this book not sure what's going on with  her.

I absolutely LOVE this series by Rebecca. It's by far my favorite series of hers. We have the end of the world, Demons, Spirits, Divinity touched sisters and hot hot men who would die protecting their sister. What more could you possibly want? Sexy time...Oh we have the sexy time. These boys...I mean MEN, know what they want and they take it.

We also get a POV from each of the guys throughout the book as well. We get a look into their past and how they all came together too. The darkness they faced in their own lives even before coming to the sisterhood.

I think everyone should read this series. I know that this one is a little more expensive than some of the others. That seems to be the biggest gripe I hear about Rebecca's series'. This is totally worth it though. Not only is this an amazing read that you will totally fall in love with but it's full length. The series is only five books, which is sad for me b/c I love it so much, but good for those on a budget. The next book will be releasing on September 26th, you meet the Sister in Past Be Damned, and I for one can't wait!!

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