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Marked by Pain ( The Marked Series)

by - Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Marked by Pain, (The Marked Series )
G. Bailey & CeCe Rose
Goodreads/a>, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
Twelve marks, twelve powers, and the deadly risk that the twelfth mark brings... is having all that power worth it? What if the price is destroying the world? Kenzie's twelve marks have caused her nothing but trouble since she was blessed with them. From getting her treated differently at school, to getting her kidnapped by rebels, her marks have caused chaos in her life. When a familiar face shows up in the warehouse she is being kept in, Kenzie doesn't know who to trust, or what to believe anymore. With time running out to escape, and the threat of the rebel’s plans looming over her, can Kenzie overcome these challenges? Love and destruction comes at great price. A price that is marked by pain.

The Marked Series:
Marked by Power
Marked by Pain (2/8)
Marked by Destruction (4/30)

As you know I love these two authors and their individual series. Together these two just rock. A guaranteed good read. And I love that we will get more Series from these two. Marked by Pain picks up where Marked by Power leaves off.  Kidnapped but not giving in, Kenzie is fighting mad.  Her father and brother are trying to get her to their cause.  But she is fighting tooth and nail.  When she sees she is not alone being held, she has to find a way to escape. But danger is all around, friends become enemies, and can she finally find out what the 12th mark means.

A lot happens in Marked by Pain.  I cannot reveal any surprises, always best when you discover it yourself, but I can tell you that right along with Kenzie you will feel pain, betrayal, heartache, fear and love.  MBP will have you on a roller coaster ride of emotions that does not let up til the end.  And yes there is another cliffhanger, but it is necessary to set up for the third book Marked by Destruction.  Mr. Daniels is still my favorite, even though I am alittle mad at hime now, but I have to say East is earning his place right up there.  I would recommend reading the Marked Series in order so that you can better understand the events that are happening.  And after that ending, it has left me needing answers to happens next.

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