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A Symphony Of Sirens (The SpellSinger Series), Amy Sumida

by - Sunday, June 25, 2017

A Symphony Of Sirens, (The SpellSinger Series)
Amy Sumida
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Sirens are some of the most dangerous denizens of the Beneath. So when they start going missing, it's assumed that a supremely powerful being is behind the disappearances. But who and why? As Elaria struggles to find answers to the siren situation, even more questions arise. Questions like: what kind of magic did the witch relic leave within her? And: what should she do about the three men who have become so important to her? One is her past, one: her present, and the third wants nothing more than to be her future. Can she find the solution in time to save her family? Or will love turn her symphony sour?

Sirens are going missing. All signs lead to a traitor in their midst. Elaria is determined to find out who is taking her family, especially when it hits a little too close to home. She's not working alone though. She's got Torin, Cer, Declan and Banning to help along the way. The more time she spends with the men, the more she learns about them, and herself. The relic may be gone but it didn't leave her the same.

I LOVED this book! Absolutely loved it. This is definitely my favorite series by Amy. While the first book introduced us to a few men, we only had a relationship with Torin. We get to see our RH kick into gear in this book. El is determined to follow what Torin wants and keep a monogamous relationship but her heart isn't getting the memo. Even still, she hangs on. Until something happens that takes all control out of her hands.

There is, as with all of Amy's books, lots of action and funny moments. We also have betrayal and heartache. While on small side missions that pop up on the way to finding the Sirens, we get to learn more about each man. Each of their pasts are full of surprises. We are left at the end not knowing where we stand on some points, one very very important point that I hope with everything in me Amy fixes in Book 3 and doesn't rip my heart out (hint hint Amy), and knowing exactly where we stand on others. That ending 🔥🔥🔥 so intense.

So all in all, no matter how you feel about Amy's other work, love it, hate it or never read it, READ THIS SERIES!!!

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