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Framed (Freedom Queen Series) , Nix Banner

by - Monday, June 05, 2017

Framed, (Freedom Queen)
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It's a...Reverse Harem
***This is a Reverse Harem*** ***Read at your own discretion*** ***Trigger Warnings*** Emily Dolt has been framed for the murder of Eloise Delcour, one of the very few women left in this realm. Now, she must face the King, or as she so lovingly calls him 'Fucker'. Upon capture, the feisty little fairy is forced into a cave.. And what does she see? Two rugged men on leashes and a sinfully sexy King with a cruel streak and a thirst not only for her blood but for her body. (!) Look out for more of the Freedom Queen RH series, coming soon! (!) ***This is a Reverse Harem***

 I received a ARC of Framed for an Honest Review. Framed is centered around Emily. She has been accused and found guilty of a murder she did not commit. Framed introduces us to a paranormal world where women are valued and fewer than men. However, Emily was born on the streets having a hard life. Making it easy for her to be accused. After being found guilty she is lead to a room where she meets a man, sitting on a throne and behind him are his two male pets. What follows is a brief interaction that sets up for part two. I don't want to give anything away, but I will tell you it's setting up for some serious fun and lots of naughty. Framed is a very quick read that will be telling a story little chapters at a time. I cannot wait to see where this will be going and how the series will play out. Yes it is very short, but I believe it sets it up for a very promising RH paranormal series.

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