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Her Harem by Alexis Adaire

by - Monday, August 14, 2017

Her Harem
Alexis Adaire
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It's a...Reverse Harem
When image rehabilitation expert Kelsey Lambert is called in to help save the reputation of world-famous rock band Harem, falling in love is the last thing on her mind. After all, her career’s on the line, and keeping untamed musicians out of trouble is a massive undertaking. But when the gig puts her on a tropical resort island with five sexy, unrepentant bad boys, she struggles to remain professional as her inhibitions rapidly melt away. Soon Kelsey begins to realize she’s fighting against the very thing she wants most. Could it be that while she’s saving Harem, they’re also saving her?

Kelsey and the rock band Harem find themselves at rock bottom. Their careers are on the verge of 'no turning back', catastrophe. Kelsey who's specialty is turning sinking ships of careers around, finds herself in Tahiti surrounded by four hardened rockers and one sweet sexy baby rocker. Kelsey is going to have to walk a fine line between getting personally and professionally invested in this band. Can she go one day without seeing a penis and or exposing her own body? Better question: does she care ?? 

To/About the Author:
Ms Alexis Adaire can I just say "Thank you". Thank you for coming over to the dark side and writing such an 'insta-lust', 'insta-love', 'Insta.. Gotta get it on my bookshelf' read. Alexis Adaire has books in other genres but this is her first for the Reverse Harem genre and we welcome her with open arms!


Kelsey has all the qualities of a well loved female lead, she is smart well put together but knows how to let her hair down and play strip poker with a bunch of rock stars when needed. Harem has been a very popular rock band for many years but after years of drunken brawls, drugs and sex scandals it has taken a toll on their popularity. The line in the sand has been drawn after their most recent scandal the record label has declared one more wrong move for the rest of the tour they are DONE. Their manager has dragged them to a secluded resort excluded ALL WOMEN from the island save Kelsey, it comes to no surprise when you drag a beautiful inside and out woman in front of them things are about to go down. The rule is what happens with one band member will happen with them all and like my fellow blogger states:

What really makes this a great read is how well balanced out the story is you've got plenty of laugh with a down to earth group of characters. When you start the first couple of chapters you might raise your eyebrow wondering where exactly is this going and worried you are about to read a story of a chick willing to blow it all for some feel good loving but nope the journey will pleasantly surprise you. The author is hoping to write extra books but that will depend on how much support from readers she gets so PLEASE!!! Leave your reviews, our Goodreads and Amazon links are live and ready.

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