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Strip For Me ( Strip For Me Serial)

by - Monday, September 18, 2017

Strip For Me: Part Two, (Strip For Me Serial)
G. Bailey
Goodreads/a>, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
My four new roommates are strippers... I did not see that coming. Living with four extremely hot strippers and trying to deal with my feelings for them all is not easy. Add in my complicated pregnancy, my crazy ex-husband and the growing jealously in the house; you have one big mess. **This is a Reverse harem serial** 18+ This is part two of a five part serial.

Strip For Me Series:
Part One- already released
Part Two-  (Sept. 20th)
Part Three- ( Oct. 10)
Part Four- ( Oct. 11)

Part Two for Strip For Me picks up where part one leaves off. Ellie just found out that the father of her baby Andre is a stripper. And not only that, but his three extremely hot roommates are as well. Ellie doesn't know what is wrong with her, but she is extremely attracted to all four of them. After the shock wears off, Ellie comes to terms, if not a little turned on by the fact that she will be living with them. Andre, Kaiden, Dominic and Todd have different personalities but one thing in common. Their attraction and growing love for Ellie. When an unexpected person pops back up in Ellie's life, the guys step in to protect the girl who is fastly becoming the love of their lives. I loved the stripper angle in this RH series. I mean who wouldn't want 4 hot guys stripping for them whenever she desired. And their devotion to Ellie, how they look out, and care for her really won me over to them quickly.

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