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Winter's Promise ( Her Guardians Series)

by - Friday, September 15, 2017

Winter's Promise, (Her Guardians Series)
G. Bailey
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It's a...Reverse Harem
War is coming. The prophecy is coming true. When the world is close to falling and all those she loves are in danger, what can Winter do to save everyone? Winter finally has the answers to who she is but everything else in her life is in question as she is thrown into the world of witches. How much of her past can control her future? Can Winter make the decisions she needs to save the future? Follow Winter in the third installment in Her Guardian series. **Reverse harem series** 18+

Her Guardians Series:
Book One- Winter's Guardians
Book Two- Winter's Kiss
Book Three: Winter's Pronise
Book Four- Winter's War ( Coming Dec. 11th)

 Winter's Promise picks up where Winter's Kiss leaves off. Atti is dealing with his grief of loosing his mother. Winter wants to be there for him, but distance grows between the two. He really needs some Winter time and I am so glad he gets that in this book. She also gets more time with Dabriel, and if you loved them before, you will more now. Also we still get scenes with Jaxson and Wyatt, but they are busy dealing with their packs and vampire issues. Their dynamic together is deepening as is their love and communication.  Sexy time is turned up a notch in this one, be warned. Winter has learned about her family history and where she comes from, which I felt she handled well with the help of her men. With plenty of action, suspense, revelations, relationships taken to the next level.  G. Bailey does an excellent job of creating a world where you the love the characters and the world she has created. There is a bit of a cliffhanger, but it sets up for Winter's War perfectly.

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