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Echoes of Her Soul (Soul Tenders), Serena Lindahl

by - Monday, November 13, 2017

Echoes of Her Soul, (Soul Tenders)
Serena Lindahl
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Megreria is a Kingdom built upon order. Each citizen receives an assigned House based on a test of their skills and an assigned Soul Match, the other piece of their soul as seen by the mysterious Soul Tenders. A week ago, Kiarra didn’t believe in Soul Matches and she couldn’t master any ability well enough to test into a House. When her beloved brother becomes a Soul Tender, the traumatic experience begins a chain of events which will challenge everything she has ever thought or believed. Kiarra has five Soul Matches and a Fate much greater than any House occupation. As she struggles to navigate the attention of five different men, she must also adjust to her new role in the Kingdom of Megreria. When she and her matches discover a diary written by a long dead ancestor, Kiarra realizes there is more at stake than just her own destiny. Her path will affect not only the future of their Kingdom, but other Kingdoms as well. Join Kiarra, Mason, Ian, Sebastian, Clay and Reed as they discover their history, grow their soul bonds, and struggle to defeat an evil force intent on destroying everything and everyone they love. ***Sequel to "Pieces of Her Soul" This is a slow-burn reverse harem with a strong fantasy plot which includes intrigue, world-building, and character development. Scenes and language included are intended for mature audiences only. 18+*****

Releases 11/15

Kiarra has just been told that she has not just one, but FIVE soul matches. Oh and there's also that little bit about her future occupation. She has a lot of new information to adjust to and a lot of training to do. Each of her matches are tasked with training her on their house. The more time she spends with them, the harder it is to fight the bonds pulling them together. More secrets are unearthed and while they are working hard to figure things out, their time is running out. There are dangers out there that want to stop her at all costs.

The first book in this series spent a lot of time on the main characters individually. Getting to know their pasts and what makes them tick. This book spends more time on them as a group and the guys individual relationships with Kiarra. Even though fate has matched them and the bonds are obviously pulling them together, Kiarra wants to make sure they still have free will. She doesn't want to be forced into anything nor have one of them forced into anything they don't want.

We also spend a lot of time learning about this new world that we are in. The different kingdoms and how they came about. The histories between them all. While a lot of times I get put off by the world building and historical parts of the stories, I didn't with this one. It was done in a way that held my attention and kept me from skimming through it.

Even with all the world building/history and relationship building that we have going on, we still get plenty of action. Kiarra and the guys are constantly on the lookout for danger and have every reason to be that cautious. Someone is intent on stopping Kiarra's destiny and will use any means necessary to achieve their goals. Luckily she runs into some interesting characters that seem to know more than they have let on. Hopefully it's enough to keep them out of harms way a little longer.

I gave the first book a 4 star rating b/c I liked it but I just wanted more. This book gave me that extra little bit that I was wanting. The relationship, the action, the background on the world. The side characters catching and keeping my attention as well. Definitely 5 stars for me on this one so if you loved the first one, you will love this one as well. If you liked the first one, maybe this one will grab you like it grabbed me.

While the first book in this series didn't include any sexy times, this book steps it up. Boy oh boy does this book step it up.

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