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Harem Of Wolves ( Stairway to Harem Series)

by - Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Harem of Wolves, (Stairway to Harem)
Emma Dawn
Goodreads/a>, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
As a skydiving instructor with a black belt in karate, Cassie Denver would never have thought facing down a couple big dogs would be a problem. But great big wolves, that turn into even larger, sexier than sin men, all who want a taste of her body? Now she has a rather delicious problem. Surrounded by seven of the big bad wolves who all want a shot at being her Alpha in and out of her bedroom, she must choose between them if she is going to save any of them. One night of mind blowing sex, and soul shattering pleasure with each of them. A simple problem, with a simple solution. Except Cassie wants every single one of those wolves on her very own leash, begging for more.

Stairway to Harem Series in order:
Book One: Harem of Fangs
Book Two: Harem of Wolves
Book Three: Harem of Magic ( coming soon)
Book Four: Harem of Souls ( coming soon)

 We are introduced to Cassandra or Cassie in Harem of Fangs, she is Ally Swift, vampire queen best friend. Cassie is a no- nonsense woman who doesn't take anything off of anyone. Being a skydive instructor by day and teacher of karate by night, she is used to looking after herself and liking things on the wild side. I really liked her as a character, she is not afraid to say what she wants, do what she wants, and I really liked how she sticks up for those who she believes needs it. Now with such a strong female lead you would need strong male leads. Ms. Dawn delivers. All of the guys bring their own strengths to Cassie, each helping her in just the right way. And the chemistry that she has with each one, is unique to who she is with. I love the dynamic with them all. Hot sex scenes, alpha males, funny one liners that will have you laughing out loud, and a strong alpha female will leave you with a great quick read!

Harem of Wolves picks up fairly quickly, with Cassie stepping in to help an unfair fight. Which in turn sets off a chain of events that has Cassie up for the Alpha female role. She has 7 days and 7 hot alpha males to choose from. Having at the end of a week to choose one to lead with her. Having to choose between Lyric, Colt, Keenan, Brennan, Raider, Tarack and Havoc is going to be tough. Although there is one in the group that she can definitely do without, (will not give any spoilers) and one not in the group who calls to her. With an outside threat over their heads, Cassie is pressed for time on picking a mate, or risk her new found packs safety.

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