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Marked For Them ( Witches of Rose Lake)

by - Monday, July 24, 2017

Marked For Them, (The Witches of Rose Lake)
Lia Davis
Goodreads/a>, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
Hiding out in a mental institution isn’t glamorous. I call it surviving. I’m blissfully unaware of the world outside the walls—and spell—that hides me. Until the ghost shows up with talks about his friends being marked by a demon. Oh, but not just any demon. The same one who has marked me and wants me dead. My Father. Fearful daddy dearest would be my next uninvited guess, I make the choice to follow the ghost to his four, very alive friends. To my relief they want my father dead as much as I do. One thing I’m not prepared for is finding out that Zane—the alpha wolf shifter—is my mate, and the demon mark links the five of us—ghost included—together on a deeper level than I thought. Teaming up and facing the demon stirs up passion and dark secrets none of us are ready to face.

Marked For Them is book one in a brand new Paranormal RH series. Reese is our main character, the Queen Bee. She was marked by a demon when she was 10. She was attacked and scarred again by the same demon when she turned 18. Little did she know that the same demon marked 5 boys with one mission, to kill her. When she is visited by a ghost, who says he can help her. But is he leading her to her future or certain death? Marked For Them is a promising start to a new series. MFT has a different take on the paranormal that I found very interesting. I mean have you ever heard of a female lead that is a half witch/demon. Not to mention her harem consists of a ghost, an alpha wolf, and two others with Paranormal ability? It definitely kept me wondering what happens next. The only complaint I would have, which is why I gave it 3 stars, was I needed more description. Things felt alittle rushed. But that does not take away from it being a good read. Give it a try!

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