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Beautiful Survivors by CM Stunich

by - Monday, August 07, 2017

Beautiful Survivors , (Five Forgotten Souls Book 1)
C.M. Stunich
Goodreads, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
Five forgotten souls. All of us misfits, outcasts, throwaways. Orphans. But me and my four best friends, we're family. These boys, they make the group home we live in bearable. They're everything to me, almost like brothers. Except...I don't want them to be my brothers. I want them to be my boyfriends. Only, I can't decide on just one. Everything changes the night we decide to escape. Just the five of us on the run, five teens alone in the city. Nash. Gunner. Maddox. Hitch. And me, Merit Burden. Falling in love wrapped in the gritty arms of reality. Poverty, danger, uncertainty. And the only way we can tackle it is together.

Merit Burden has been in and out of group homes, foster homes, semi permanent adoptions but her only constant for 10 years have been her foster "brothers". They've all circled the system eventually landing back in their group home lovingly called, "Hell". When Merit gets sent back to a prior foster home things go bad quickly for Merit and she has to run away. The five of them all end up on the run together. 

I think the thing I liked the most was the bond between the group. Even with Hitch who was separated from the group many years before and has grown into a hard young man, you can tell his heart is still with them there are just several layers between his head and heart at the moment. As you would expect with these kids and their background they've had to grow up too quickly, but with that doesn't necessarily come maturity...

Ok so I'm a lot disappointed with this book I'm a fan of the author and my three stars comes from a good plot well developed characters and good writing. I'm on the fence about the ages of the characters but I understand the need based off the plot but Merit is sixteen which is just cringe worthy. But my biggest issue is how the relationships are developing. I won't give away spoilers but the full blurb on the description tells you there are highly sexual scenes in the book. These are occurring with a couple of the boys and no one but her knows its happening except the boy in question who isn't aware of what is happening with the other boy. She openly admits she has feelings for all of them and suspects at least a couple have feelings for her as well. This just makes me feel super awkward as a reader, I can enjoy some YA angst but this is YA scenario with adult actions being taken. I will probably read the next book just to see how much this is going to blow up in Merit's face when I predict Hitch exposes her in a pissy tantrum.  

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