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Shadow of Thorns (Midnight's Crown), Ripley Proserpina

by - Sunday, February 25, 2018

Shadow of Thorns, (Midnight's Crown)
Ripley Proserpina
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It's a...Reverse Harem
Secrets can’t hide in daylight… Hudson, Valen, Sylvain, and Marcus revealed their secret to Briar Hale, and she astonished them. The four vampires hadn’t expected her to handle their revelation so easily, but Briar is a scientist and recognizes there are all manner of creatures in the world—some benign, some predatory, and some, like the brothers’ maker, pure evil. Caught in Asher’s sights, Briar fights not only to stay alive, but to stay sane. Asher is in her head, whispering doubts and bringing to light her vampires’ hidden pasts. He shows her everything—every bloody, terrible, heart-wrenching moment. But she is stronger than Asher and the horrors stalking her vampires. Briar loves them, and she won’t give them up, nor will she let them give up on each other. With war on the horizon, Briar, Hudson, Valen, Sylvain, and Marcus will have to fight Asher and the secrets threatening to rise up and destroy them. ***Shadow of Thorns is the second book in the Midnight's Crown Trilogy.***

Shadow of Thorns Releases 2/27

Their secret is out. They're vampires! Oh my! Briar barely even blinked an eye at that revelation though. Unfortunately, that's not the only secret the guys are hiding. They are still hiding their dark pasts from Briar, afraid she will hate them for the things they've done. Asher uses that against them all while he's torturing Briar without them knowing. Will she really turn her back on them when she knows the truth? Will they be able to figure out what Asher is doing in time?

Still my favorite series by Ripley!! I've been dying to know what happened next after Briar and man, I was not disappointed with this one. We pick up right where we left off, Briar recovering from her injuries and staying with the guys. She's still working in Hudson's lab and going to classes. I love the little banter between her, Hud, and Marcus about who's lab is the best. She's still working on breaking down the barriers the guys have up. To show them that she accepts ALL of them. Then of course we have a-hole Asher. He's been hiding in the background working on his evil plans.

This book takes us further in the relationships Briar has with the guys. We spend some time with them and learn more of them individually. We learn a lot about their pasts. There were some times this book had my emotions running on high. Some moments got really intense. And wow oh wow that ending! Make sure you read the intro into the next book at the end.

So yea, like I said, LOVE this series. My absolute favorite by Ripley. I'm sad that it's only one more book but I'm waiting on pins and needles now on it to be released to see how everything plays out.

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