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Planet Bear (Once Upon A Harem), Rebecca Royce

by - Sunday, March 18, 2018

Planet Bear, (Once Upon A Harem)
Rebecca Royce
Goodreads, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
Jessica White never intended to stray from her intended path. Her assignment was hard but simple. Travel through the unrestricted path of space corridor that runs between Planet Bear, Planet Wolf, and Planet Cat to human territory to deliver the packages the Union have entrusted her with. The pay day she gets when she completes her job will seriously help her family. But when she gets attacked and ends up crash landing on Planet Bear, her life changes immediately. Finn, Cole, and Rylan aren’t just any shifters—they run the planet—and if they want their human mate accepted they’re going to change everything to get what they want. She is their mate. Everyone else can get out of their way. But Jessica isn’t at all sure she wants to go along with this mating. Their furniture is too big, their food is weird, she’s not a bear shifter, and she can’t defend herself from crazy bears shifting to threaten her life. The brothers three will have to convince her they’re worth all the adjustment or lose her to space.

Jessica grew up with a different life than most. So it's no surprise really when her first day at her new job, they give her a task that's dangerous and impossible for most. Turns out, it was pretty dangerous for her too. She finds herself on Planet Bear with three super hot, super dangerous bears telling her things she doesn't want to hear. Just when she finally starts to accept what is, things explode. Her life has been anything but a fairytale so can she end up with a happily ever after?

This is the first book in the new series of fairytale remakes with an RH twist. This one obviously is Goldilocks and the three bears. This is no sweet bedtime story though. There is danger, fighting, death and some sexy times. I found myself intrigued from the beginning all the way to the end. Jessica is a pretty likeable female lead. She's not whiney or annoying. She's working hard to try to help her family. The guys are all really sweet. Really just some giant teddy bears. Some giant, sexy, badass teddy bears.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this one. I have no clue if Rebecca will venture more into this world with a future story, maybe Planet Wolf, but I know I sure would read it.

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