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Craving our Virgin Frankie Love Writing as Charlie Hart

by - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Craving our Virgin
Frankie Love Writing as Charlie Hart
Goodreads, Amazon
It's a...Reverse Harem
Arriving in Tahiti should have been a dream come true … but then a tragic accident changes everything. Chloe, Mason, Enzo, Noah, and Ethan are challenged with what unconditional love truly means. Tensions flare as they are confronted by family members, face problems with their business partner, and struggle with how to express their love when outsiders judge their choices. Will this five-some be able to get past what threatens to divide them and follow their hearts or will their love crumble in the real world? One thing is certain, these men crave their virgin, and they won’t let her go without a fight.

Releases 8/10
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Chloe, Mason, Enzo, Noah and Ethan are venturing out of their off the grid bubble they had in Jamaica and are having to put the relationship through real life tests. When one of the guys is injured everything gets complicated in a very new relationship. The outside world is starting to push in and expose the five to the reality of what a relationship like theirs is facing. Can they endure it and stay true to each other? 

When I first read "Protecting Our Virgin", I didn't realize there was going to be more than one book. I have no regrets about that review except that thinking that was the only book colored my choice to give it 4 stars vs 5 stars. I think it says a lot that I was able to read a book and like it when there was SO much more to their story to come! 

💦 In honor of one of our most giggletastic reviews I insert a clip of me explaining what I just wrote above to another of our bloggers.. As always in honor of my smut gigglers..  💭

Me: yep a ton of character development 
Missy: Good. A def read for me then. I have been meaning to just got busy  
Me: Still a crap ton of sex but there is real depth (no pun intended.. well maybe a little pun) in the whole relationship
Missy Lmao, I hope that their in-depth relationships fill all of her empty holes, in her heart. And that they have penetrating conversations on how to make love work.   
That's a good lead in right there.. 
Missy: I punned all over the place there lmao.
Me: You've rendered me speechless .. for like the second time today..
Cheers to you

There is a lot of relationship growth in this book, Chloe who has had a rough upbringing has to work out what is an understandable fear of standing her ground and sticking up for what she wants. The group is starting to decide how they want to present their relationship to the public and their families. And my favorite part in a very grown up move Chloe decides to take charge of what direction she wants her career  to take shape. By the end of the book I was was on my feet cheering her on with my "girl power" heart pounding! 


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